Maternity Information:
We schedule each maternity session to take place between 30-34 weeks along so you have a cute baby bump but are not in that uncomfortable stage. This also prevents moms from missing their maternity sessions if their little one decides to arrive early. It is best to book your maternity & newborn session around 20 weeks along to avoid disappointment.
*If you'd like to check out all of the dresses we offer to rent for your maternity session please go to our Instagram @ItyBityPhotography & click on the "Our Dresses" story in our bio.
Newborn Information:
We schedule newborn sessions to take place around one week after your due date to save you a spot. We later adjust if they decide to arrive early/late. Our goal is to get them in studio before 12 days new to ensure cute sleepy images. 
Your baby changes so much after the 15 day old mark so it is essential to schedule a session ahead of time while you are still expecting.  Years from now it will be so hard to remember all these tiny details of your little one so we want to make sure to capture these to cherish forever. 

6-8 Month Sitter Milestone Information:
This is such a special moment in your little ones lives! They've mastered rolling & possibly crawling & then one day you look up & BAM they are sitting on their own. These sessions should take place between 6-8 months old. I would suggest booking 2 months in advance to make sure we can get you in. We have different outfits to choose from or you can bring your own. 

One Year Milestone Information:
Oh what fun it is to be ONE! These sessions can be styled towards your child's growing personality. We typically schedule these sessions to take place a few weeks before their actual first birthday so you can display some from the session at their birthday party! Cake is included for package 2 & 3. You pick the color scheme & we make it happen!
Family Session Information:
If your little one(s) are over 6 months old this is the best time to start getting updated yearly images of the entire family together. Studies have shown how important it is to not only show your children picture of themselves but to be in them as well! So many parents just want images of their cute squishy kids but it is so important to include mom & dad too. Children who see images of the entire family on a daily basis displayed in their home typically grow up to have a better self image of themselves & the family. 
I know as an adult it can sometimes be hard to not judge ones self. I can assure you though that when your little ones are not so little anymore, they will look back on these images & not see the bags under your eyes or that scar dad got a few years back cutting down a tree. They will be able to remember the special snuggles from mom & tickles from dad. The time mom & dad spent with them & the good times they've shared is what they see. Don't forget that! 
If the type of session you are looking for is not listed please contact me for pricing.
Thank you! Someone will get back to you in the next few days. If this is more urgent please message us on our Facebook page for a quicker
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